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Though this might sound like a same old post discussing about boring old history. It may or may not be.

Today in Chinese class, we were talking learning about new vocabularies then we began discussing about Yin and Yang.
Never did I know that the Korean flag carries the Yin Yang symbol in its flag?

The red-blue yin-yang look-a-like symbol apparently carries the same message.
According to my further research, the following are the similarities:
– ‘Taeguk’ is the Korean version of ‘Taiji’.
– ‘Taeguk’ is used to symbolise Taekwondo while ‘Taiji’ is for Tai Chi.
– ‘Taeguk’ and ‘Taiji’ both mean harmony and balance.

Origin of Taiji:
– While the white half circle, known as “阴“ – Yin, is a symbol for Women. This is also often associated with “moon”.
– The black half, is known as “阳”-Yang, is a symbol for Men and often associated with “sun”.

The idea of this in a circle, is to symbolize the balanced and harmony life that men and women create together. Its meaning of “balanced” and “harmony” is however used in Chinese sport known as “Taichi”.

Isn’t this a simple yet surprising fact to know? Indeed according to the General Taekwondo Information website (click to see) Korea was influenced by: China, Russia, and Japan.

It’s amazing how little things connect without us realizing? Look around, you’ll be surprised with many wonders around you!

With love,

Shannen ♥