Watch the video before you start. This post is simply a reply to the video, my perspectives of it.

Let’s come and look at it. The issue is contradictive, to be honest. Yes, these toxics are unavoidable. Indeed, I was shocked when I watched this, I never saw this coming. After thinking about it really, I began to develop points:

  • Human, we’re never satisfied, we are never happy with what the “cosmetic industry” provide us. We never stop asking for more varieties: different smell, functions, and so on. The fact that human are so different and have different needs to be covered, it is typically hard to get it all without “abusing” something.
  • I mean, it’s not like I support non-environmental friendly companies. But in the same time, we have to understand, that consumers (us) demanded this. Contradictive right? Indeed. I strongly feel that one of the things that we need to improve on is: minimizing our wants. What would this mean?
  • Well, let’s look, definitely, smaller business will closed down. What would this lead to? Less pollution, obviously, and all the issues raised would also decreased.
  • I guess, with issues that are this huge and global, we should all take part. It’s not just the government who has to take a part, so do we.
Well, I hope I am making sense some how. Because I have been delaying this post for a little while. Currently in 2 a.m, and I am cramming for Business exam… So excuse my non-sense.
With Love,
Shannen ♥