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The International Baccalaureate is a common topic for students who are in the programme, for instance, me. If you don’t know what IB is then feel free to click here. The IB is a programme which is for high school students (similar to A-levels, AP, etc) but we do receive a diploma in the end of the course. Therefore, it is slightly different and yet, I believe, is demanding.

The “#iblife” as we, tweeties (I guess that’s the word for twitter users) call it. Every night, I would see a tweet on my timeline about how IB is “killing” them. Oh, such melodramatic adjectives I see daily. To be honest with you, the subjects I’m taking ain’t no easy subjects.

However, I feel like there are some exaggeration in “defining the IB life”. I must agree though it is challenging and demanding. However, I feel like IB programme is definitely a great programme. You learn so many new things in so many different ways. You build skills and knowledge, not just by writing tests but by writing your Extended Essay, TOK essays, and so on.

Well, this post is just my opinions but I just feel that we all need to chill down and know that we know have more “free time” than we think.

Good luck with your IB (or any academic) related things (:


With love,

Shannen ♥