I have mentioned earlier on twitter about my latest need. Yes, I repeat, it is a need.

The sandals/shoes that I wear everyday to school is ending its life cycle. With no doubt, about two weeks ago, I went to my favorite sandals store: STEVE MADDEN!

I looked around, meh, honestly speaking the choices were disappointing. There only had the previous seasons, which is Summer ’11 (I think). Their Winter collection should be coming out in this couple of weeks. But I couldn’t resist it, I had to get a new pair of sandals.

So I cam across this one, which is similar to what I have before:

Then how can I resist? It was cute, it has a nice color and it’s really comfy too! I got mine then in size 6.5! I’m so happy and I can’t wait to walk around Singapore with my new baby!

Steve Madden Singapore has new shopping bag too! It’s light/bright blue now, not dark purple anymore! I honestly like this one better. It’s more cheerful, less gloomy, basically it is a better representation of Steve Madden:

It costs S$140 (yes, it’s quite expensive but it’s worth the money! You can use it for quite a while, I promise!). But when I’m so awesome, amazing, cool, and basically everything great. HAHAHA Just kidding. Because I have the VIP member card, I exclusively got a 20% off. Therefore I only paid for S$112, quite a big gap right?

Yes it’s amazing!

On top of that, I also received the upcoming (Fall/Winter ’11) catalogue. It’s really adorable. It has this pop up punk girl thing, then if you open it below, there are many postcards like pictures and description of the items. I love it!

Don’t we just love Steve Madden?

With Love,

Shannen ♥