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Happy 17th birthday guys! I hope you enjoy this simple video that I made you 🙂

Nothing fancy, nothing professional, just something simple I made myself.

I feel really happy to have met you both before. I do hope I can meet your sister too, nonetheless wish her a happy birthday from me. I hope you have a blast today in Rio! I miss Oxford, I miss our time together and everythingg!

Dear Nicholas, I really miss our night talks and walk (around the 2nd quad – your habit! haha). I miss doing laundry together, baking, and how we found out that condom machine thing hahaha. I miss all the talk we have, I swear you’re like my brother in Oxtrad (and even now). I may have just met you in Oxtrad but I feel so comfortable talking about my problems to you! So thank you so much for listening, you’re the best. I am so happy that we still keep in touch until now. Because that would suck if we don’t 😦 I miss all those time in Gia’s room. Your ‘cool’ accent, especially when reading MacBeth. I miss everything about you but then all I can say is that I am thankful that you were and still are a part of my life! 😀 p.s: I really miss your pizza-smell room mixed with Gia’s THING. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *I’m cracking up…. by myself*


Dear Jonathan, it was a surprise at first to know that we take the same courses (both major & minor). However, it turned out to be a great surprise. I enjoyed and miss having to go to classes with you. I miss classes with Lema and Nick (of course). IR was sooo fun *cough*. I had so many great memories with you. I miss those walks we’d have and the CHOCOLATE STORE. Every time I see the orange chocolate thing now, it always reminds me of you. I would also miss your random stories and the walk up to your room *because I get to exercise and see my favorite person’s picture in front of his room – if you remember*. I miss the lunch we had and the walk to IR. I miss miss miss those moments in your room. I cannot tell you how much I miss it. Watching movies together, aahh good times. I also remember how I first met you and never knew that you have a twin! I was so surprised! hahaha. Finding out that you are a triplet, I remember I would ask your random questions about it. Like: do you feel hurt when your twin is hurt? HAHAAHA. I was so silly. Oh, I also remember how we started talking. It all started in the 3rd quad, I was talking to other people. Then you, Alex, and Maxime came over. Maxime introduced himself first then both of you guys. Then yeah!!! oh I’m so cool hahaha.

To both of you:

I miss all of us together. The movie time in Jonathan’s room using Glady’s laptop. Then the talks we had in Gia’s room. The coin throwing thing, remember? Then the kebab nights! I miss kebab, aaaah! I also remember when we walked so far away to see Gladys’s volleyball match then it was over when we reached there hahahaha. Punting experience was my favorite though. Oh my god, I cannot forget how much fun & laughter I had. I remember when Nicholas, Gia, and Michelle got stuck and how your boat was unstable because it was only 3 of you. And Gia was sitting on the left instead of the middle. HAHAHAHA. And how Gia was screaming “help help!” in Japanese. HAHAHAHAHA. Then I remember how my boat (with Gladys, Alex and Jonathan) were like leading then we had this race with them. And we made this little cute duckling followed us. IT WAS THE FUNNIEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE. “We’re not your mother, go go go, that’s your mother” HAHAHAHA.

I also miss Gia’s CL talk during Black Swan. HAHAHAHA. Oh my god, that was so funny. I also remember when Gia said “I never knew I have an accent” HAAHAHAH. NEON BOP!!!!!! AAAAAAAH. That was so fun, especially the special Dougie that Nicholas has. hahaha. The only sad moment that I could recall is our goodbye moment. I cried so much it was horrible, it is a good thing that I have Gladys. It was terrible knowing that we all had to leave. I feel like we were like a family already. Then the day came and we had to leave. However, I cannot forget how you both REFUSED to sleep and ended up sleeping in my room. Like all over my room: on Emma’s bed, on the table, sofa, everywhere! hahahaha.

There are so many funny or sad moments. It would take forever to write. All I could tell you is that, I am so happy to know you both. It has been such amazing adventure with you two. I really enjoy our skype session. So glad that I had the chance to talk to you both on your birthday (Asia time). We better have that reunion soon on summer! Thank you for sparing about 5 months of your 17 years in my life. I hope the number will keep growing larger and larger.

Have a blast in your 17th birthday. I hope when I write for your 18th, the list will be longer! Enjoy being 17, yeay! 17 is a great number 🙂 You both are the best twins I know (maybe not, I love Michelle & Alex equally too :3 )

I love and miss you two.

P.s: I wrote this last night but I decided to wait until it’s your birthday in Rio! 😀

Shannen ♥