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It’s been a while, and I’ve been busy too.

But I have been trying on many things on my iphone lately. Yes, I’m an active instagrammer now. I love looking at my instagram ‘timeline’. There’s so many nice pictures so I decided to try out some applications:

1) Camera plus: honestly speaking, I don’t think its worth the money. It has a lot of effects but I’d say you can get similar or better effects from instagram or path. Well, I haven’t spend a lot of time with this because my first impression was already bad! 😦 but, I’ll keep updating for any other comments :3 price: $0.99

2) Phoster: well this is slightly more expensive. It’s $1.99 and I was doubting it at first. But I must tell you it’s the best $2 or $1.99 that I have spent!! Completely awesome! Here is an example:


I love it! It’s fun, there’s many many designs you can choose from! You can add your own picture and many moreee!!!! Highly recommended

3) PicFrame: this is just a simple application that allows you to choose a template of frames for your photos. It varies from two photos up to four photos. It has varieties of frames too! From plain colors to patterns. :3 it’s cute and useful for putting few pictures together. I have not found any other better application. Perhaps anyone can suggest?
I’d recommend it but these kinds of application are quite mediocre. So any other cheaper or free application should do just okay! This costs $0.99
Here’s an example:


So I hope you enjoy it and follow me on instagram: shannendermawan. I’ll follow you back! Suggest me any application and i’ll review it πŸ™‚


Shannen πŸ™‚