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Today when I was randomly going through my ‘make up station’, as I’d like to call it. I began to realize the number of lipsticks I own! Oh wow, insane!

But I saw some bright colors and I began to wonder if I can pull it off again now like I used to. The answer is no, and here is why. By the way, I am not referring to neon colors it can be bright like the Lady Gaga for mac color! Which is one of my favorite. Here are tips to pull off bright colors:

1) Moisturize, moisturize, and MOSTURIZE: bright colors highlight your lips. Your lips are the center of the show! The last thing you would want to see is a perfect make up, with perfect color lipstick on cracked lips!!!!!!! Definite NO NO

P.s: I’d recommend Kiehl’s lip balm but it’s quite pricey. Nivea would so great too. Mac prep & prime is quite goood too! But remember to scrub your lips 3 times a week! You can get the scrubs from drug stores or even Lush!!

2) Lip liner is crucial: you want your lips to stand out. What if people see the imbalanced color? Or messy lining? Oh no!!! So you would want to get a start with same color based! Besides these will stay on even if you drink, so it’s a plus 🙂 I’d say a nude one would do well and it’s useful, since you can use it with any colors! But if you happen to have the same lip liner as your lipstick then go ahead

P.s: if you’re not too good at putting on lipstick, remember to outline the outer lips and as well as filling. Otherwise, filling would do just fine.

3) Remember, your lips are the center of the show. So, make your other make up neutral. Say you are putting on a bright lipstick, a soft pink or peach blush would do. And neutral (brown, grey, black, or simple eye lining) eye make up should do the job. If it’s too colorful, remember you’ll look like a drag queen!!!

So these are my quick & simple tips.


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Good luck & enjoy!

Feel free to ask me any questions!

Shannen 🙂