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Well as you all may have realized, more and more people are starting to use iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and so on. Similarly like my previous post, I will now review a couple of new applications that I have tried.

1) Draw Something: Oh my, do I even need to review this? Have you ever heard of the ‘draw something addiction/fever’, oh are you one of them too? Well, indeed this game is known to be addictive. However, I have a slight different point of view. Call me boring, call me not fun. I am not a big fan of draw something. I mean, it is fun but just not too enjoyable for me. I’m not creative. Oh god, I have difficulties drawing what I’m suppose to draw. And guess what, even harder for me to guess too. Yep, that’s me. That’s my personal opinion. However, you should take a shot, maybe you’ll end up with the majority who are in love with this application. What I like about this: the idea. It is a very creative application. Allowing people to connect and have fun through drawing and guessing? Perfect! What I dislike: the words are pretty hard to express and yet again, I’m not this kind of person. Sorry guys.

Rating: 3/5

2) Pixlromatic: I just tried this. It’s a great application for editing. It definitely has great varieties to choose from. It is a unique application that has unique names for editing. Here is an example:

This one, I included the dots.

While this, with the same picture, I added the ‘rain effect’. It’s quite cool. You should try this. Here is a sample on the choices (how I did it):

It’s free too. What really stops you from getting this?

Rate: 4/5 – Nah, as much as I love it. I don’t use it often. So nah, not a 5

3) 9GAG Reader: this is actually an application for http://www.9gag.com If you are unfamiliar with 9gag, it basically has many memes or any other pictures that describes ‘the inside (but viral) joke’ of our generation. Most pictures are funny while some (little) are disturbing. But it is a definitely great application when you are bored or when you are waiting for a friend…. So rather than sitting down and starring at nothing (and being bored, of course). Go read 9GAG. And no, I am not paid by 9GAG to say this. hahaha, I wish, but no. It’s free too so definite try!

Ratings: 4.5/5


So today’s reviews are all free applications. Don’t you just love free applications? I do too! You have no guilt to delete and download them anytime. So why not try?

Any other suggestions? Feel free to comment.