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Because ‘just wait’ is an incomplete sentence

Hello. I have been gone for a while, I was busy with my exams then occupied myself with a lot of ‘chilling’. Ha. Funny isn’t it, one moment you can be so sure of your future and how things would lie in the end. Then the next moment, you know absolutely nothing…. nothing, but to wait.

‘Waiting’, one devil word that can change one’s personality in many different ways. One can be depressed, sad, excited, or even… emotionless.

Perhaps, my story is similar to many of you out there. Perhaps, it’s ‘different’ to many of you out there. And most of all, you’re all must be wondering what I am on about.

The Future. That’s it. The Future.

A very familiar word that many of us prefer to ‘forget’. When I received my IB results on the 6th of July. I was shocked. Better than expected? Nah! The worse grade I have ever received? Nah! It was just…. not satisfying. I know I did better than this. Well, what’s my punishment now? Impatiently waiting for two things:

1. My Extended Essay is currently going through process of re-marking. Little did I know that I could not track it. 2-3 more weeks being with the devil… ‘waiting’.

2. I am one point off from meeting my university condition. So now, I just have to wait for their decision and also hoping that my re-marked grade would be useful. Waiting until when? I don’t know.

I’m hearing a lot of happy stories from other people, but I’m also sharing my sorrows with some others. You know what? This is a part of our life journey. At least, I know, we know, that there is an extra memorable life event to be added in our list. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” they said. This would help us to grow, to mature, to learn to accept our loss/mistake, to cope with difficult times.

So here is a post and cheer for others that are in my position.

My dear friends, you’re not alone…. but most of all, your world isn’t ending.

Please, share your story with me. Share you grades with me. Successful or unsuccessful, I would love to hear.

To A level takers, best of luck for your results, and of course, the wait is intense. But it will be over soon!

All the best !

Love ♥