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Dear you, you know who you are,

You are an absolutely good man with a good heart. You bring light in my darker days, you balance my life.

Dear you, you are a good person,

A man who puts a lot of pressure on yourself… to please the people you care about.

Dear you, I hate seeing you in a bad mood,

But you know, those pressure put you in terrible mood (most of the time).

Dear you, learn to be easy on yourself,

Everyone who cares about you are already so proud of where you are standing right now. If you’re not, please take a moment, look back, look how far you’ve gone. Look how much you have achieved.

Dear you, I know you expect a lot from yourself,

But remember, nothing comes in a package. You have to earn small things first… and til’ now, you’ve earned a lot.

Dear you, this post does not show my sympathy or empathy to you. In fact, it’s to remind you of how good you are and you have been. To let you know that you have achieved so much in your life and I’m proud with where you stand. It’s to let you know that you can aim high but don’t expect too high. Do not expect higher than what you can achieve in this point in time. To let you know that you are doing very well right now. I am very proud of you and I know your parents are too.

Dear you, please for once, enjoy your life like how you should. Life can be enjoyed in many different way. You can enjoy your life with the simplest things possible. A key to that, is to always reflect back every now and then, and be grateful with what you have know.

Life is not bad unless you think it is. See it the positive way. Like your brother right here:


Even this little cute panda, who probably has to do the same things every day for his life, know how to have fun and enjoy his life….. while he has it 🙂

Lastly, remember, I’m always here for you.

I got your back.


Just like these two pandas who are there for each other 🙂

You are a hard-working person and I hope you can keep up with that. You can still achieve more in your life, so don’t be disheartened that you are not where you wish you would be standing. Because sooner or later, you’ll be better than you think.

Mucho love,

Shannen ♥