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Yeah, that’s what they all say. I had a terribly rough day today and I must be honest that for once, I cannot stop thinking to myself “What a bad life I have”.

Yes, has it ever happened to you? The moment when you think that your life is just soooo bad. Perhaps it’s just my feeling. But really, I just cannot wait to start living my own life. I cannot wait to earn my own money and not let my parents control my life any further. Anyone ever think the same? Anybody ever feel like your parents are controlling too much of your life? Or is it just, “the asian” thing.

I guess this is a real blabber. I’m just blabbering on and on and on. I have no one to talk to. Everyone is asleep and I’m stuck here blabbering. Ah, maybe I should stop.

Okay, maybe I shall just calm myself down. Alone.

It’s not a bad life, it’s just a bad day….. but that’s what they all say.

Shannen ♥