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Being an Asian myself, I understand, and have heard many women saying how they ‘dislike’ or ‘hate’ having the Asian eyes. Having the small and monolid eyes make it difficult to work with. Well, I understand what you all are saying, I thought the same too. Until one day, when I took the pro makeup classes, I was talking about this until I heard a makeup artist I know who is Caucasian saying she would rather have the Asian eyes.

This makes me wonder… Is it just that us human would never be satisfied with what we have? Or is it just something that they see and we don’t? So after thinking about this. I have finally come to agreed with the beauty of having the Asian eyes. The following is why,

1. Asian eyes don’t have crease, so you have to create your OWN crease! Makeup has something to do with creativity and as a makeup artist or someone who enjoys doing make up, you love doing creative looks. So be it! Create your own crease. Generally, it should be right below your brow bone. But the beauty is that if you go slightly too high or too low, it wouldn’t matter much. You wouldn’t see it much. To be honest, after this course when I tried to do it on my ‘hooded eyes’ or the Caucasian eyes it is much more difficult because you need to be more precise and you need a fair amount of products for it to really show well.

2. Having small asian eyes can make beginners easier for making their cat-eye/winged liner and their smokey eye. Why? because you have an approximation. When you close your eyes and fill it in with either Kohl pencil (for smokey) or cream/liquid eyeliner. You realize that your line for stoping (thickness wise) is at the line where you open your eyes and you cannot see the line. So when you smudge it, you get a beautiful gradient.

3. The fact that our eyes have different shape, it doesn’t mean that we cannot pull off the looks that you see in youtube. Yes you can! Yes, with the same colors too! The only difference is that you need a different technique! When you see those gurus on youtube doing their make up and when it gets to the end of the eyes they just apply it normally or flat. No, you need to pull up. Make sure your brush is in upward direction. Because otherwise, you will not get a good look because it will just make your eyes smaller.

4. Did you know now many shops sell those tape where you can put in your eyes to create double eyelid? Yes, you can use it on top of your makeup and it will not do anything to it! So that means your eyes are very versatile. Isn’t it a great thing to do? You can get them for very cheap too. I got a set from Face Shop in Singapore for about $2SGD. Good price, eh?

5. Here are tips to make your eyes bigger: First, say you like your eyes to appear bigger, rather than reading my advice in step 3. Read this instead. In the end/edge of your eyes, make sure that it is in circle shape. Then put mascara on your lower lash. But make sure that it is only the edge of the eyes to the middle (don’t put it all). If you are a bit confuse, search up Twiggy. That’s where the inspiration comes from.

So don’t worry! Asian eyes are not bad at all. Embrace the eyes you got. They are very versatile, you shall love it! There is no need to get those double eyelids surgery really! With the help of those stickers, you can get both looks in a cheap price and they’re handy too!

All the best girls,

With love,

Shannen ♥