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The other day, I went to the gym for the first time in Edinburgh *please cheer for me right here*! It then reminds me about my very first time going to a proper gym **when I say proper gym, I mean a fully equipped gym, not one from your condominium or something.

I remember I was only 16 when I first joined Fitness First in Singapore. I was quite young, I must be honest. But really, I think I was brave. I can speak for many women right here. I know many women associate gym with gaining muscles – which is not entirely true. But I remember breaking out of that bubble and as I told my friends, they would just give me weird looks. I have no regret with my decision of going to the gym. I love it so much.

Here is how it goes;

I remember walking in and feeling so scared. I had no idea where changing rooms are and I had too many insecurities running around my head. I am not sporty, I am so young, what am I doing in this place? I felt like running back, except I can’t. I walked and walked. Until I saw a group of women walking out of this room in the corner, then I thought “AH! Changing rooms!”. I walked in. I am so impressed. As I got changed, I hoped someone would talk to me, like I see in movies…. But nobody would. hmm, seems like they know each other already. Then at that point in time, I wished, I have a sporty friend.

Well then, I walked out. Trying to figure out how to use each machine… or more like.. Pretending like I know what I’m doing. Observing other people. What a daunting experience! Then, thankfully, I got 3 free sessions with a trainer. Which eases my whole worry because at least I only have to do what he tells me to.. and the best part is, he operates the machine for me. I couldn’t be more thankful for this.

I feel like going to the gym for the first time is daunting, though honestly, to me (at least) nothing ridiculous actually happened. But as you enter it and see how fit everyone is, it drops your motivation down.

But I’m telling you, many of you women associate gym with gaining muscle. Here is one handy truth for you. It’s not too scientific and it’s easy to remember:

First, it is not easy to be muscular, you may ask any of your muscular guy friends. You have to be in a very strict diet and consume extensive amount of extra protein (protein milk or shakes). Then also, us women, do not have much testosterones like men. This specific hormone is the one that makes muscles. So no need to worry, it takes an awful lot of time and effort to get it. I go to the gym quite often (2-3 times a week and lift a bit of weight too) and I am nowhere near those women who lift weight at the Olympics! :p

So, don’t worry, enroll yourself in a gym. With a friend or without a friend, go for it! I always go alone, I find myself more focused. This post is to encourage you all out there to go and live a healthy lifestyle. At first I wanted to go for weight loss but now I go for health reasons. Having low fat percentage is more important than small number on the scale (or weighing machine).

Don’t worry about feeling scared to enter it. I bet everyone else has felt the same. I am so confident with going to the gym now but this is my story. I was scared too but I got over it and it is probably one of the best decisions ever!

Best of luck girlies.

Much love,

Shannen ♥