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It’s finally December, what a special December, it’s my first cold December!

Well, this means exams are approaching for me (boo) but it’s closer to Christmas and New Year! HOORAY HOORAY! *here comes the part where people say: I will laugh at the movie 2012 on New Years Day*.

Anyways, as New Years is approaching. I think it will be a great time to finally think about my New Years Resolution. So here is the following for me:

1. Be more patience and less emotional

2. Take every single opportunities possible and give it my best

3. Work harder! Go to ALL of my lectures and tutorials – ‘having a boring lecturer’ is not an excuse, unless important and urgent (e.g: really sick) is okay but cannot skip tutorials! Start my notes every time after lecture, so when exams are approaching I don’t need to waste time writing them. But, I do understand that often I may slack. So 1 – 2 lectures behind is okay – no more than 2 lectures!

4. Less shopping and more savings! – Get a part time job, preferably in the Makeup Industry.

5. Lead a group of people – I have many ideas in my head, I need to express this, I need to take the lead!

6. Prove others that age discrimination should not exist – I have done so in 2012 but whenever I feel discriminated I do not do much about it. In 2013, it will not happen anymore! I will stand for what I believe in.

7. Blog once every week! – Set a day that I am more free and post one every week no matter what.

8. More active physically – active in the gym again!

9. Make an impact/give back to this society – I used to be so involved with the society back in Singapore. I need to start doing that now that I am in Edinburgh and I have somewhat settled down.

10. Continue learning Mandarin. I used to learn it in the IB but now I have lost it. So I need to encourage myself to continue because knowing a foreign language is very important.

So these are my new years resolutions. I know I have done many in the past years but never end up doing them. So I promise that on June 2013, I will do a progress post where I state where I am with my resolution. Whether I have achieve it or will achieve it.

I encourage you all to do the same! We could do it together and do a progress check together. This would be fun, feel free to tag me in your posts. I love reading new years resolution!

Here is a tip for you when making resolution: be realistic, if you think you may not achieve it this year then create a resolution that is like a stepping stone to your big one for the next year. E.g: my ultimate resolution is to graduate a 1:1 but if that is my goal for 2013, I may achieve it for that specific year only. So by saying I will revise early, go to lectures, and not miss tutorials are stepping stones to me graduating with a 1:1

I’m sure you can all do it! Best of luck for you all. I look forward to reading your resolutions!

Much love,

Shannen ♥