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Guess what came in the mail today? GUESS GUESS!
It’s my BH Cosmetics Parcel! WOHOOO. I’m soo excited!

I got mine right on the 10th day of my order – I paid for the cheapest International shipping which would take 10-20 days. But mine came in the 10th day, maybe because I’m only in the UK so it doesn’t take as long as it would if I were to live in… Australia, perhaps?

Bh Cosmetics

I was so happy when my flatmate told me my BH Cosmetics parcel is here. Then I began to open it and saw this cute wrap. Okay, this might be an exaggeration because of my over-excitement. But I mean it! Isn’t it cute and creative. TEHEHEHE


Well, anyways, on to the fun part! I ordered the 120 color palette 1st edition and the 66 lop gloss color palette:


And… when I opened it I was like WOW. Here are some snapshots!

This is the 66 lip gloss palette:


I haven’t got to try the gloss yet but I would make a special review! So WAIT UP!

Why I got this: because I’ve been in love with experimenting different colors and lipsticks and lip glosses cost a fortune! As a college student, of course, the one that would save me money is definitely the best option I have! So I don’t know if they are well pigmented or not but I guess it’s something that you could build up. I wish I would play with it when I got it today but it’s almost exams so my time is quite restricted. But hang in there, I promise you, I would do it soon!

Now this is what everyone has been talking about, the 120 color palette:










I have been wanting to get this for AGES! I have one before which is not from BH Cosmetics. It’s just a random one I got online but I’ve read many reviews carefully and BH cosmetics seems to have a slightly more pigmented eyeshadows which is perfect! Because the ones I have are not too pigmented so it’s so hard to build up all the colors.

I’ve tried it a little on my finger and YES it was pigmented but same goes, I’ll give reviews and tutorials soon! Hang in there.

Now now, if you don’t know BH Cosmetics has 5 editions of the 120 palette, mine is the first one. Here is a sneak peek of the 5 palettes:


I guess the first one has more variety of colors while the others are more concentrated to a certain hue. For example 5th is more towards pink and purple.

I chose the first one because I have always run to either: neutral, pink, or purple colors! E.g the palette I was talking about earlier is the neutral color ones, so no don’t worry, I’m not wasting my money on buying doubles!

Well, recently I have been in love with silvers, blue, and turquoise colors. I’ve been wanting to play around with them too! But I don’t have any and getting individual ones or small palette from other brands are definitely good but again, it’s pricey. So might as well get this where I can have all of the colors and also if you think the colors are not too pigmented. Invest in some color primers e.g; paint pots or eye pencils or cream shadows for the base. This way, it would pop the color even more. It is a good investment because even when I’m using my MAC, Make up Forever, or Urban Decay ones I would still use those bases too! So it’s versatile.

Anyways, for more information go to http://www.bhcosmetics.com

No, I am not sponsored by BH (I wish lol!) but I would give my honest opinions on the review and play around to give you all a tutorial! Just give me time. I have exams soon but will be done in 2 weeks so HANG IN THERE GUYS!

With Love,