Dear Readers,


I hope you all had a blessed and merry Christmas. Well, the festive season isn’t over yet. So brace yourself, more (fatty) food is coming your way! Hopefully, you will enjoy your New Years Eve celebration just as much as you did on Christmas!

I myself had a very joyous Christmas. I celebrated it back in Indonesia with many of my cousins and big family. It was lively…. until my jet lag kicks in and I fell asleep at 5 pm (my usual time of sleeping everyday) and left the party first. Boo, party poooopeer lol. Oh well.

However, I also had the privilege of experiencing my first German Christmas Market over in Edinburgh. It was very very exciting, I tell you. I’m very impressed, I never feel so Christmas-y before. It was nice. The ice skating ring and the millions of other game booths make it soo lively. I love it. It’s so beautiful. How I wish I would have my boyfriend there *coughcoughcough*. Well, oh well, the food was AHMAZING too. Though, I honestly, expect more variety. I mean, I saw one or two similar booths. I wish there would be less duplicate and more variety! But no doubt, the taste were heaven like!

This is how the Christmas market look like in Edinburgh from far:


I tried the: pork burger, waffles, I drank the hot rum drink, the sausage, and also fried cheese!

The sausage was AHMAZING. It is a must try. The pork burger was really gooood too but I think bad luck, when we went there some of the pork was a bit burnt so it was quite bitter. But otherwise, it was great. The waffles was great. I got the vanilla cranberry one, it was great but it is not the best. I mean, waffles is something so common, I have tried many great ones in other places.

The rum though, was not my favourite. I mean, rum itself is something that I don’t really enjoy drinking it. Hot rum was another level. But it was very warming. I do recommend you to try it. If you don’t really like it then you can share it with few friends. But you MUST try it once at least 🙂

IMG_0554 IMG_0555 IMG_0560

My favourite was the fried cheese. I mean come on, how often do you see those? Maybe it is quite common, but not for me! Well, the cheese was awesome. I was afraid that the fried cheese will taste too cheesey and I would feel sick. But little did I know, the cheese has pepper or chili in it. It adds flavour to it and yuuum. It is certainly one of my favourite dish there. It was new, unique, and incredibly tasty.

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Well overall, I think that the German Christmas Market was a really good experience. I had a lot of fun. The food was great, although frankly speaking many of them are somewhat overpriced. Especially the things sold there. There were many cute hats and decorations. But they were ridiculously overpriced (for students, at least). So that was the downside. Well, I guess once in a while it’s okay.

I didn’t actually get anything there. I just took photos and tried out the food. Below is slideshow of things that I found there. Some nice photos of the activities/booths there, like ice skating and others. Also, there were many adorable dolls too! The slideshow below has few photos of my friends and I going crazy on trying on different kinds of many rad hats!

I had lots of fun. I wish to try different German Christmas Market in different cities next year! Wohoo, I’m excited.
Let me know about YOUR German Christmas Market Experience.

With Love,

Shannen ♥