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Hello guys,

I’m now back with new exciting concept for my blog. As I have mentioned, my 2013 goal is to blog frequently. Hence, a good concept is necessary.
So the following is my upcoming concept!

1) SHANNENPRIJATNA is now focusing on the niche market of the beauty & makeup! I will post one about beauty/makeup consecutively. Meaning, if this week I post about beauty, the next will be about makeup.
2) My so-called ‘blabber’ posts will not be considered as my ‘one post per week’. Since I am totally taking a serious move on my beauty/makeup market
3) Every end of month, I would have one inspirational post of what I have learnt, realised, or oversee from that specific month
4) I will have contest/give away once in every 6 months! My first one would start in few months, so hang in there and wait for my post about it. My first one will start once I feel that I have enough readers! So give me a shout by commenting, tweet, facebook or anything about it. This way, I could keep track of all my awesome and beautiful readers! Don’t forget to keep sharing my blog to your friends too 🙂

p.s: my contest would be open for world wide!

I’m excited for all this, wait for the next few posts. Yeay!

With Love,

Shannen ♥