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Hello, it has been a while since I wrote a makeup ‘how to’. Moving on, winged eyeliner, is like the ‘big thing’right now.

Well, from my observation, there are few common mistakes that people tend to make. Here are step by step way on how to draw a perfect winged eyeliner. P.S: do keep in mind that drawing a perfect winged eyeliner takes practice. So don’t worry if your first few try is a bit wobbly. Here it goes:

1. Start by drawing a line closer to your lash line all the way until the end. Make sure that this just a thin line. (P.s: It is important to draw it UNTIL the end):

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2. Then, from the end of the line, take it upwards. Make sure that it is aligned with your brows. The length of this may vary on how long you would like it to be.

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3. Start filling it in and thicken the line again. Move backwards. Make sure that the gradient of your winged eyeliner would go from: thin to thick.

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In this tutorial, I have used Sharpies because it is difficult using brushes on paper. However, I have some tips that could ease your process. This works only for cream eyeliner:

1. When you take your eyeliner. I find it easier if you would take a lot then leave some on your hands. Meaning that your brush should NOT have any clumps. BUT in the same time, BOTH sides has to be wet with the eyeliner. When all sides of the brushes are wet, it is easier to draw a straight line. Because the brush is harder so it will not make the line wobbly.

2. When you make the line, don’t hold it like a pencil, do not hold it flat. It should be somehow slanted, the photos below shows how you should hold your brush:
IMG_5340 IMG_5334

These are my tips and tricks! So if you follow it and practice, practice, practice. I guarantee you’ll have a perfect winged eyeliner like Adele or Madonna everyday! Mine was once very wobbly and incorrect too. But practice makes perfect.

Best of luck!

With love,

Shannen ♥