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“Give a man money and the power to control, you’ll see the true colours of that man”

Have you ever feel that the person you know become the person you knew?

Have you ever had the experience that you think you know somebody but you apparently don’t?

Growing up, I know that money is such a big matter in this world. But who knew that now, I would still be one of those people questioning “Why does money change a lot of people?”

One might argue that money could get you everything, which I agree. However, what one doesn’t know is that the power of money is stronger than getting what you want…. It changes how a person behaves.

I have seen this as I was growing up and little did I know that I would experience it too right now. It’s painful seeing people change for what they own. We should worth more than what we own, more than what we have.

I understand that this is a very sensitive subject. And I do reckon that most people would probably tell me that money could change myself too. What I’m saying is, I know money does make us feel more empowered. Make us feel that we could conquer the world. BUT, I think it’s disgusting to see when people starting to change who they befriend with, how they present themselves (to a certain extent it’s okay), and how they view other people.

I couldn’t help to be disgusted by people who thinks that nobody else is good enough for them. Thinking that they could get anything, always achieving more.

Always remember that “we could never have everything”, God would not give it too easy for us. I experience this myself, for once I felt like I had it all… Then before i know it, one of the most precious thing I had was taken away from me. I guess it’s fine because I had all the other things I wanted too but if I could choose sometimes, I’d rather choose the other two things that I could lose than that. But in the end, God knows what’s best for us, right?

Well, this is very blabbery and I feel like I’m going off topic. But the point is, we have to give ourself a little reminder that even though we have what we have now, it will not stay forever… and most of the times, we don’t have control over to choose what we could lose.

Here is what I like to tell myself every time I feel that I’m beginning to go off track.. “Always remember to ask yourself: who you are? and where you come from?”. The key is to be humble and appreciate what you have right now.

It’s okay to be blown away once or twice. But always remember that when someone tells you off, it’s not to attack you, but the person cares enough to be the “whistleblower” of your life. I go off track too a lot of the times, but remember to always get back on track!

P.s: if you find a person who would always try to stay humble regardless of the power and money they own, that person is a keeper. Whether it’s a friend, best friend, close friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever it is!

With love,