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A lot of the time, I fail to understand the way things work in this universe.

A lot of the time, I fail to see the ‘simple logic’ behind things in this universe.

But today finally, I think the universe is wonderful. Not because everything is perfect but because it has its’ wonders and it works its’ magic.

The universe is wonderful. So is God.

Lately, I’ve been seeing the pattern. Pattern of how things work in this universe.

I’m beginning to think it’s wonderful. I see, that every single time I’m beginning to soar, I always find something that would keep me back down. Not back down totally, but, more like ‘decreasing the speed’.

I used to think that it is the ‘unjust’ part of life. Perhaps, you should begin to look at it in a positive point of view.

I realised, it is not to hinder me from soaring…… But it’s to keep me down to earth. It does not let me soar too fast nor too far. In fact, It teaches me the value of my work, the value of the results I received.

The universe is wonderful and yet we don’t appreciate it enough.