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I remember days when I was crushed when I found out that I fail. Failing is a scary word. It’s a word that none of us wants to hear.

I always say to myself, to everyone “But I put so much effort in it. I have tried so hard.” I never understand how the world works before.

But now, I do. Of course, many of us knows that there is a beauty in failing. That’s not new, is it? But what’s new to me is that I failed because I tried and I didn’t do.

What’s the difference, really? Well, an analogy that I’d like to use to describe my thought is:

Scientists ‘do’ an experiment, whether the result agrees or disagrees with their hypothesis. But they got a result. A valid result that they could learn from. But a scientist who ‘tries’ to do an experiment would not have results to prove their hypothesis. 


Because a scientists who tried only tried. That scientist never really finished the experiment. Hence it failed. 

Both situations could lead to failing. But one is the type that we could learn from and another is a type that leads us to wonder why we failed. The second one would not make us better because we’ll keep thinking that we were right.


So this is a piece of my mind and thoughts today. I hope this finds you all well.

Let’s start doing and stop trying. Because our efforts will only be acknowledged when we get results. Don’t consider yourself successful until you get results (even though the results are not as positive). But success is when we have something to learn from, success is not when we did not finish doing something.


Good luck!

With love,

Shannen ❤