In life, there will always be that person. That person who was once your “friend/acquaintance”. That person who you tried not to judge, not to gossip about, or cause any harm to.

But little did you know, that was very much one-sided. You realised, that the person was in fact, judging you and saying untrue things. Of course, you will try not to care. But how long would the ‘try-not-to-care’ last?

Mine lasted almost 6 months. Quite a short length of time frankly speaking. But if you were in my position, I know you’d do the same. Because the person was always in my way in every single thing and every single step I took to move forward.

Now, it has been almost 3 years since I try to ignore the existence of the person. But again, you know, there will always be that person… who doesn’t understand that you are staying away from him/her and you hope that they would do the same. Keep some distance, is all I ever ask.

But then what? There is always that person who will just never understand and try to be in your way. No matter how hard you try to erase them out of your life….

What’s worse? Is when that person, purposely tries to disturbs your life through your significant other (best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever), because they know that it would definitely effect you.

For once, now, I am putting a stop to this. It may sound rude, but our lives will never move forward, if we never erase that person completely out of our lives. Of course, I’m sure, somewhere along the line, we’ll meet someone else who is like that.

But we’ve at least learned out lesson that we will keep distance from the start. That we will erase them completely before it’s too late.

I am now going to delete everything and even everyone who will somehow connect me to that person.

You were never good for me. If anything, you only add problems to my life.