The Universe & Its’ Wonders


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A lot of the time, I fail to understand the way things work in this universe.

A lot of the time, I fail to see the ‘simple logic’ behind things in this universe.

But today finally, I think the universe is wonderful. Not because everything is perfect but because it has its’ wonders and it works its’ magic.

The universe is wonderful. So is God.

Lately, I’ve been seeing the pattern. Pattern of how things work in this universe.

I’m beginning to think it’s wonderful. I see, that every single time I’m beginning to soar, I always find something that would keep me back down. Not back down totally, but, more like ‘decreasing the speed’.

I used to think that it is the ‘unjust’ part of life. Perhaps, you should begin to look at it in a positive point of view.

I realised, it is not to hinder me from soaring…… But it’s to keep me down to earth. It does not let me soar too fast nor too far. In fact, It teaches me the value of my work, the value of the results I received.

The universe is wonderful and yet we don’t appreciate it enough.

Random thoughts on a random Thursday


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There are moments when I feel like I want to give up or stop doing what I enjoyed doing. Sometimes, I question myself: “what am I good at? What are my talents?”

I’m sure I’m not alone. I have many friends who are suffering from the same problem too. Often times, we feel like we haven’t discovered ourself enough to actually know what our talents are. Which I agree, I say this ALL the time before.

But today, on a random thursday, I finally think that maybe it’s not that. Maybe I have discovered my talents and maybe so have you all. Maybe my talents are the things I enjoy doing and was once good at it. Why “was”? Because I stopped. Like many other people, I have the tendency to stop doing what I enjoy for many reasons: ‘busy’, not enough time, found another ‘more interesting’ hobby, or even not getting enough acknowledgement.

Perhaps the problem is not that I haven’t explored myself enough. But in fact, it’s because I tried too many things in short amount of time. So I didn’t give myself the opportunity to go in-depth. Maybe that’s the problem for most of you too.

I really enjoy writing, speaking, and makeup, as you all might know. But I do get intimidated at times and I do feel like I want to stop. For me though, I tend to pick myself back up, whether it’s sooner or later. Even though the cycle keep repeating itself but I do realise that I tend to pick myself back again.

Is it unusual? It may sound unusual to most people. It may sound different to most people. There are no secrets to achieving this. The key is, appreciate the little things. I always appreciate every little things that I find related to my hobby. Say, if I stop writing about my makeup tips because I feel like I’m not good enough and there are many better gurus out there (which is true). Then if one day I go out and someone compliments me on my looks. That would lift me back up. It could even be something as small as looking at old photos and realising how much fun I had doing it.

Truth is, never stop or second guess yourself at what you enjoy doing. Maybe you’re not the best now but nothing comes instantly. I suggest, rather than trying to explore yourself too much. Focus on one or two activities. Look back and think what you enjoyed before and do it again.

I, like many of you, believe that talent is a gift from God that we have to discover. But I bet, Mariah Carey didn’t discover her talent in singing just by singing along to a radio when she could start speaking. Someone probably saw the potential and trained it well so she could that there.

It’s the potential and a lot of training that bring you far.

Ahhh, don’t you just love your super random thoughts after work? Sometimes, the beauty of draining your brain is that you don’t over-think anymore. Because you don’t have the energy to think about the ‘what ifs’. Instead, you think of something more simple which could be better, healthier, and makes you happier.

Shannen ❤

The Power of Money


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“Give a man money and the power to control, you’ll see the true colours of that man”

Have you ever feel that the person you know become the person you knew?

Have you ever had the experience that you think you know somebody but you apparently don’t?

Growing up, I know that money is such a big matter in this world. But who knew that now, I would still be one of those people questioning “Why does money change a lot of people?”

One might argue that money could get you everything, which I agree. However, what one doesn’t know is that the power of money is stronger than getting what you want…. It changes how a person behaves.

I have seen this as I was growing up and little did I know that I would experience it too right now. It’s painful seeing people change for what they own. We should worth more than what we own, more than what we have.

I understand that this is a very sensitive subject. And I do reckon that most people would probably tell me that money could change myself too. What I’m saying is, I know money does make us feel more empowered. Make us feel that we could conquer the world. BUT, I think it’s disgusting to see when people starting to change who they befriend with, how they present themselves (to a certain extent it’s okay), and how they view other people.

I couldn’t help to be disgusted by people who thinks that nobody else is good enough for them. Thinking that they could get anything, always achieving more.

Always remember that “we could never have everything”, God would not give it too easy for us. I experience this myself, for once I felt like I had it all… Then before i know it, one of the most precious thing I had was taken away from me. I guess it’s fine because I had all the other things I wanted too but if I could choose sometimes, I’d rather choose the other two things that I could lose than that. But in the end, God knows what’s best for us, right?

Well, this is very blabbery and I feel like I’m going off topic. But the point is, we have to give ourself a little reminder that even though we have what we have now, it will not stay forever… and most of the times, we don’t have control over to choose what we could lose.

Here is what I like to tell myself every time I feel that I’m beginning to go off track.. “Always remember to ask yourself: who you are? and where you come from?”. The key is to be humble and appreciate what you have right now.

It’s okay to be blown away once or twice. But always remember that when someone tells you off, it’s not to attack you, but the person cares enough to be the “whistleblower” of your life. I go off track too a lot of the times, but remember to always get back on track!

P.s: if you find a person who would always try to stay humble regardless of the power and money they own, that person is a keeper. Whether it’s a friend, best friend, close friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever it is!

With love,


How to: Create a Perfect Winged Eyeliner


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Hello, it has been a while since I wrote a makeup ‘how to’. Moving on, winged eyeliner, is like the ‘big thing’right now.

Well, from my observation, there are few common mistakes that people tend to make. Here are step by step way on how to draw a perfect winged eyeliner. P.S: do keep in mind that drawing a perfect winged eyeliner takes practice. So don’t worry if your first few try is a bit wobbly. Here it goes:

1. Start by drawing a line closer to your lash line all the way until the end. Make sure that this just a thin line. (P.s: It is important to draw it UNTIL the end):

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2. Then, from the end of the line, take it upwards. Make sure that it is aligned with your brows. The length of this may vary on how long you would like it to be.

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3. Start filling it in and thicken the line again. Move backwards. Make sure that the gradient of your winged eyeliner would go from: thin to thick.

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In this tutorial, I have used Sharpies because it is difficult using brushes on paper. However, I have some tips that could ease your process. This works only for cream eyeliner:

1. When you take your eyeliner. I find it easier if you would take a lot then leave some on your hands. Meaning that your brush should NOT have any clumps. BUT in the same time, BOTH sides has to be wet with the eyeliner. When all sides of the brushes are wet, it is easier to draw a straight line. Because the brush is harder so it will not make the line wobbly.

2. When you make the line, don’t hold it like a pencil, do not hold it flat. It should be somehow slanted, the photos below shows how you should hold your brush:
IMG_5340 IMG_5334

These are my tips and tricks! So if you follow it and practice, practice, practice. I guarantee you’ll have a perfect winged eyeliner like Adele or Madonna everyday! Mine was once very wobbly and incorrect too. But practice makes perfect.

Best of luck!

With love,

Shannen ♥

Your Ultimate (Affordable) Online Shopping Guide!


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Calling all shopaholics! This is your absolute go-to guide for online shopping! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading 🙂
Ever since I moved to the UK, online shopping is something that I have been addicted to. Yes, addiction, I tell you. Well, perks of being addicted to online shopping is me being able to tell you about all these reviews! Whoo. It is mostly concentrated in The UK, sadly. Because I do try to keep it domestic to save me from overpriced shipping cost. Anyways, let’s get it started!


Well, of course you could always go to ASOS, which I love. It has everything you want and frequently have MANY offers & discounts. I am in love with ASOS (it is a UK site but they often have offers on free international delivery!). But unlike many people, I sometimes find ASOS very intimidating. There’s too much in it and there are times that I’m looking for something affordable… and ended up seeing many ridiculously adorable yet beyond my budget kind-of clothing. So this is not desirable for someone who constantly budget herself… like me! So, here are you other alternatives:


1. Missguided:

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at PM 12.34.25

Missguided is a very nice and chic website. It has a lot of affordable variety of clothing. I have ordered something from missguided once and it turned out very nice. The one thing I love is on your first buy, you get a free next day delivery! Mine came right on time, how awesome is that? However, one downside was that, one of the shirt I ordered, one of the buttons was quite hard to button. I mean, who doesn’t love FREE next day delivery? Any free stuff would to for me! Haha. This is my definite to go website. I love their shorts and shirts. My friend has also told me how comfortable the dresses are. So check it out!

** students, you can get 10% off if you join UNIDAYS

2. Boohoo:

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at PM 12.37.23

Boohoo is one of my favourite online website. I have ordered around 3 times from them. It is absolutely amazing. I LOVE their onesies. They’re adorable! I have also bought few skirts, shorts, and dresses. I highly recommend their onesies. Although my concern is as the price is quite cheap, the quality may not be as you expected. First, one of my shorts, the zipper was really hard. I guess it depends on your luck. But don’t be disheartened, you could still change the zipper at some of those places that fix clothes 🙂 That’s my plan. The shipping cost with boohoo is also relatively cheap compared to missguided.

** students, you can get 10% off if you join UNIDAYS


Screen shot 2013-01-08 at PM 12.37.12

ASOS Marketplace is not the same as the normal, Marketplace sells more vintage clothing, as it says on the description. In my opinion, what it is, is that, they sell clothing that is not from big brands (individual sellers from different countries around the world). Also they sell some 2nd hand ones. So it is relatively cheaper compared to the, BUT like ebay, make sure you check with the seller first. I bought a jumpsuit once here and it came perfectly fine. I love it. It was exactly like it was pictured. However, the downside is the shipping cost. Since it is from different parts of the world, the shipping cost might be more pricey for some people than others. Depends on which dealer you choose from actually. The website is very basic and straightforward. Every time you click on the product page, on the side, it says the origin of the country and how much the shipping costs would be. So give it a try 🙂

** there is no discounts for ASOS Marketplace, however with UNIDAYS you can get 10% off with the normal ASOS.

4. Motel Rocks:

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at PM 12.35.44

Motel Rocks is a very chic and girly online shopping site. It is a bit pricey, but if you look at the SALE section, they actually have some really huge price drops. So that is student friendly! I guess, this is a very similar to Lipsy, but Lipsy has more dresses. While Motel Rocks has a good variety of others. I do love Lipsy, it is one of my go to places for party wear. So check it out! I think the US version of Motel Rocks would be Nasty Gal. I love Nasty Gal too but I find it quite pricey and the shipping cost is quite a lot too. So I have never really bought anything from there, but I do love online window shopping there 🙂 I honestly have never actually got anything from Motel Rocks, I shall review this once I have bought something.

** Students, you can get 20% off if you join UNIDAYS – not on discounted price (I assume)


1. Guru Makeup Emporium:

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at PM 12.38.01

I love this website, it is an online website of a retail store in London. So if you are in London area, you might as well pay it a visit to save yourself from the shipping fee. Basically they sell makeup brands that do not have retail stores (or uncommon to find) in the UK. It is specifically for the UK. But I love this store, of course I go here for Make Up For Ever. But there are other brands too. The only downside from the website is that the prices stated are excluding VAT. So please be aware of this when you are looking around. The prices however, are pretty reasonable (even after VAT), some are still less expensive than the retail prices in Asia. Amazeballs! I bought a lot of things from here and I paid for the standard (cheapest) shipping fee. It came within 4 days, though on the website it mentioned that there is no guarantee when it will arrive. Mine went from London to Edinburgh, so I guess it should be around 4 days to anywhere in the UK.

** Tips: if you are ordering it online, look around, they have a lot of gifts for orders above certain amounts. It is quite good, so search for promotion codes!

2. Precious About Makeup (PAM): 

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at PM 12.37.48

PAM is also an online store for uncommon brands in the UK. It is neck to neck with Guru Makeup Emporium. I haven’t had the chance to order anything from PAM. But when I was about to order my things from Guru Makeup Emporium, I did a hell lot of comparison. I found that Guru Makeup Emporium has more varieties. PAM often don’t have it or run out of stock. It may seem like the PAM has slightly more expensive prices but that is because the prices you see are with VAT. The shipping costs is slightly cheaper (by like a pound or so). So honestly, it is neck to neck with Guru Makeup Emporium. They both have their own advantages so, it’s your call!

3. HQ Hair:

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at PM 12.37.41

HQ Hair I guess is more of beauty than makeup. It carries skin products, hair products, and up to makeup. It is not makeup concentrated so it is different than PAM or Guru Makeup Emporium. The makeup sold here are the common makeup you can find in the UK, e.g: Urban Decay or NARS. But they do have a lot of offers (e.g: they had an offer of buy 2 NARS products and get a small NARS orgasm blush!), or they have sales too. They also have beauty stuff like: hair straightener/curler. So it is a definite go to place to check for all your beauty needs!


Screen shot 2013-01-08 at PM 12.36.19

UNIDAYS is like NUS CARD (if you are studying in the UK you should know this). They work with many online shops and give special offers for students. Simply by joining them and giving your email. They do have many deals with shops too (if you buy them online), e.g: Topshop/Topman/Miss Selfridge, etc.

If you are not in the UK, please check, because they do run in few countries. Sparing few minutes may save you a ton!

This is the end of my list. PLease let me know if you want any other categories or have any suggestions and want me to review it. Otherwise, comment below stating YOUR favourite online shop 🙂

Best of luck girlies.

Enjoy your shopping spree

With love,

Shannen ♥